high security notebook

My Secure Pad

When Even The CIA Can't Keep Their Data Safe

Timeless Technology for Secure Storage

Solar Powered - Hack Proof - Never Needs Updates
secure laptop
Keep Your Business and Personal Information Secure

The MSpad uses timeless technology. Your data is always secure and available at your fingertips. No virus, malware or trojan can ever access your data. Be invisible online.

No Batteries Required

Featuring a proven 'Always On' technology and a totally secure framework. This solar powered device works anywhere you have light. Data entry is simple using any input device available. There are no restrictions on language or coding entry. It just works!

Have More Productive Meetings cheap tablet

Close the laptops and stop all their online distractions. Employees can focus on the meeting and not the latest social media noise. You can easily tell that they are paying attention and taking notes.

Crash Proof and Unbreakable

Not only is your data always secure, the design of the MSpad deters theft.
Feel safe leaving your pad in the car, at a hotel, or even on the beach.

We left one at The Home Depot for 2 days and when we returned it was still sitting on the shelf next to the power tools!

Back ups are easy using a standard copy machine at most any office, meeting room or hotel worldwide. Feel assured that your data will never be left behind on some remote, insecure network. (we don't recommend scanning your data as it could accidently enter the interweb dimension and fall prey to online stalkers)

The most safe, secure and eco-friendly notebook ever developed
More durable than an iPad, more secure than a Windows Tablet 

Show your tech savvy and eco -frendly approach to technology overload


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